Getting Started

Getting Started

Reservations are required for all classes


Beginning Rock

Designed for the true beginner. Our instructors will cover gear basics, comprehensive top rope belaying protocols as well as technique and movement. You will be instructed to properly fit a climbing harness, tie a figure eight follow through knot and belay with an ATC/ locking carabiner. At the end you will be prepared to take our belay certification test with confidence and to put in use climbing technique that will make your moving on the wall look and feel smoother.

Tuesdays 7-9 pm
Saturdays 2-4 pm

$25 for members

Minimum age 14 (12 for Vertex members)

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Climb Time

A great introduction to indoor climbing. Our staff will give you a personal guided tour of the gym, provide valuable insight in climbing safety protocols, and act as your personal belayer. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced climber, you are sure to have a great time.

Wednesday 7-9 pm Book now Saturday & Sunday 12-2pm  Book now                

$10 for members

Minimum age 5

Basic Safety

Want to learn how to belay, or just need a refresher? No problem, give vertex a call to schedule a drop in basic safety class.

Monday – Friday 9 am – 2 pm                                                  

$15 for members

Minimum age: 14

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Technique & Movement I

This 3-day class covers hands and feet basics and flow. Come develop your technique and climb smoother and more effortlessly.

$85 for members / $105 for non-members


Breath 101


Want to feel seamless on the rock face? Train your breath and the mind and emotional tranquility that follows will allow you to get the most from your climbing, but with less effort. This unique breathing class, found only at Vertex, begins on the mat where you will unlock your breath. This mastery of breath will help you:
  • Discover your full breathing potential
  • Coordinate core activation with movement
  • Improve posture
  • Tap into emotional awareness
  • Teach the most energy efficient use of your body
Hopping on the wall, you will be challenged to apply these principles and maintain breath awareness and expansion while engaging every single muscle of your body to hold you up. The class here gets tailored towards your individual focus point/ability level:
  • Bouldering – breath awareness will help you get stronger while not holding tension
  • Top-roping –  breathing techniques will allow you to keep your stamina without burning out.
  • Lead climbing – employing the power of your breath will help you break through the natural fear that each one of us faces on challenging climbs.
The takeaway from this class will forever inform your climbing sessions and adventures on the crag. Climb on!

$40 for members / $50 for non-members
Every 4th Friday of the month – 7-8:30pm
Instructor: Joao


Bouldering Bettys

The Bouldering Bettys is a community of female rock climbers pursuing impeccable climbing skill, physical strength and power, adventure in beautiful places, and camaraderie and support, through indoor training and outdoor excursions. We meet up weekly on Tuesdays from 6-8pm.
Free for Members
$17  for nonmembers
Must be belay certified to participate


Private Instruction

Do you want to take your climbing to the next level? Whether you have been climbing for years or are new to the gym, having your own personal climbing coach will get you to climb stronger. Learn technique, movement, breath and safety from our climbing experts, in areas such as:

  • intro to climbing
  • climbing for kids
  • belay instruction
  • advanced technique and movement
  • lead climbing/belaying
  • crack climbing
  • breathing & climbing
  • mental preparation
  • safety & self rescue

Schedule yours today!

First person first hour                                                            $30 – $50
Second person/ second  hour                                               $25
Minimum age 5