Stress Management for Fire Victims

In times of stress we go through a series of emotions: shock, anger, grief, sadness and sometimes even physical and/or emotional paralysis. We may experience a feeling of not knowing what to do next or where to start and as we think about it we may be overcome with fear. This is common during and after a trauma. This may result in a shift in energy that makes it difficult to think of moving forward.

Our relationship with stress affects every aspect of our lives.

Stress comes in many forms – both negative and positive. Physical stress, mental stress, emotional stress, relationship stress and digestive stress just to name a few. These stresses are a natural part of life. It is not so much the experiences of life that cause stress, as it is how we interpret and respond to those experiences. We at Vertex are offering community support in the form of a stress management seminar/workshop, led by a local stress management specialist/Hypnotherapist, free to anyone impacted by the fires.


In this workshop each person gets to experience a level of freedom from stress and create a new and healthy relationship with it! By the end of the workshop this new way of relating to and dealing with stress will allow it to become a valuable asset/guide in our lives. Each participant will have new skills to put into practice, that can enhance his or her life going forward.

Saturday, Nov 11th, 6:30-8:30pm
Space is limited to the first 25 participants per session

Please join us!


Bring paper for notes if you like. Not necessary.

To know more about the presenter, check his website out here