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Climbing Classes for Beginners

Are you new to climbing and want to expand your skill set? Our beginner classes will get you off to a rockin’ start.
Drop-ins are welcome for most of our classes, however to guarantee your spot we strongly encourage you to make a reservation in advance.

Climb Time

This two-hour instructional climbing session serves to orient you with the gym and provide an invaluable intro to indoor climbing. Your instructor will give you a guided tour of the gym as well as teach you basic climbing technique and act as your belayer. This is a great choice for kids and adults alike who don’t have a climbing partner or who would just like a leg up in the beginning of their climbing journey.


  • 2 hours of climbing with guide
  • Harness & shoes

  • Ratio of 1 guide to no more than 5 climbers


Beginning Belay

Designed for the true beginner. Our instructors will go over essential climbing gear and comprehensive top-rope belaying protocols as well as climbing technique and movement. You will be instructed to properly fit a climbing harness, tie a figure eight follow through knot and belay with an ATC/locking carabiner. At the end you will be prepared to take our belay certification test with confidence and to put into use climbing technique that will improve your natural movement on the wall. Minimum age 14 (12 for Vertex members).


  • Top rope belaying instruction:

  • how to properly secure a harness
  • how to tie a follow through figure eight knot

  • belaying with an ATC
  • running through the safety checks
  • Basic technique and movement instruction to move intelligently on the wall
  • Ratio of 1 guide to no more than 5 climbers
  • Does not include the day pass
Member (Complimentary in 1st Month)$25Purchase

Basic Safety

Learn the skills required for top-rope belay certification or get a comprehensive refresher before taking the test.
Minimum age 14


  • Top rope belaying instruction
  • Learning to properly secure a harness
  • Tying a follow through figure eight knot
  • Proper belaying with an ATC belay device
  • Running through the safety checks

Ideal For:

  • Parents who want to bring their kids to climb
  • Refreshing your belaying skills
  • Climbers who have been bouldering and want to get into top roping

Queer Climbing Club

Monday 7-10pm.

MemberFree Register 
Non-Member (Includes rental gear!)$16Purchase

Must be belay certified to participate

Bouldering Bettys

The Bouldering Bettys is a community of female rock climbers pursuing impeccable climbing skill, physical strength and power, adventure in beautiful places, and camaraderie and support through indoor training and outdoor excursions. We meet up weekly on Tuesdays from 6-9pm.

Non-MemberFreew/ purchase of a day pass

Must be belay certified to participate

Private Instruction

Whether you have been climbing for years or are new to the gym, having your own personal climbing coach will take your climbing to the next level. These sessions will be tailored to your individual skill level and pursuits. See below for possible topics covered.
Minimum age 5


  • basics of climbing
  • climbing for kids

  • belay instruction
  • advanced technique and movement
  • lead climbing/lead belaying
  • crack climbing
  • breathing & climbing

  • mental preparation
  • safety & self rescue
Beginning Technique (one person, one hour)$30Call (707) 573-1608
Advanced Technique (one person, one hour)$50Call (707) 573-1608
Add a Second Person or Second Hour$25Call (707) 573-1608