Climbing School

Climbing School

Reservations are required for all classes


Crack Climbing 101

One of the most important skills for traditional climbing around the world is good crack climbing technique. In this class, you will learn different techniques on how to crack climb. Simply put: crack climbing is a different animal! You can be a 5.12 or V8 climber and get shut down by a 5.7 crack! Check the ego at the door and come with a beginner’s mind….. just sayin’. This class will cover the skills to give you a solid working foundation on hand and other size cracks.

Price: $50 member / $60 non-member



Leading Edge I

Leading Edge 1 is designed to provide you with the necessary skill set to lead climb/belay indoors. Must be certified to top rope belay and able to climb 5.10a to take this class.

This is a 2-part class

Price: $85 member / $105 non-member

Knots and Gear 101

Gear and Knots 101 is designed for the indoor rock climber interested in transitioning their skills to the outdoors. This class will cover essential gear and knots commonly used in outdoor climbing settings, and how best to apply them given certain situations.

Time: 6-8pm

Price: $50 member / $60 non-member



Anchors 101

This Anchors 101 class is designed to provide you with the most current and standard industry practices in top rope anchor systems and management. The goal of this class is to learn how to set up solid rock climbing anchor systems where the belay is at the bottom of the cliff. You will learn what NOT to do, while practicing several methods for setting up solid top rope anchor systems. A “must take” class if you want to transition to climbing outdoors.

Time: 6-9pm

Price: $50 Member / $60 non-member

Pre-requisite: Must have taken Gears and Knots 101 class or talk to the instructor



Intro to Multi-Pitch

Intro to multi-pitch climbing is designed to provide you with essential knowledge and practices to confidently take your climbing to a higher level (literally!). This class builds on what is covered in our Leading Edge, Anchors 101, and Knots and Gear classes. In this course we will cover important aspects of multi-pitch climbing such as: route finding, topo reading and interpretation, rope management, belay station management, strategies for belaying the follower, preventing factor 2 falls, on-route communication, and descending after the climb.

Time: 6-9pm

Price: $50 member / $60 non-member



Technique & Movement 1

This course is a 3 part course over three weeks designed to provide the beginner climber with essential techniques and practices that are sure to drastically progress your climbing technique and ability.

Time: 7:30-9:30pm

Price: $85 member / $105 non-member


Technique & Movement II – Confident and Dynamic Movement

Ever feel like your foot will slip if you try a move?  Or, that the next hold is just out of reach?  This series erases those concerns!  As an extension of Hand/Feet Basics and Flow, we focus on the confidence and power needed to complete those hard moves! Also a 3-day class in which you will step up to the next level.

Time: 7:30-9:30pm

$85 for members / $105 for non-members


Breath 101

Want to feel seamless on the rock face? Train your breath and the mind and emotional tranquility that follows will allow you to get the most from your climbing, but with less effort. This unique breathing class, found only at Vertex, begins on the mat where you will unlock your breath. This mastery of breath will help you:

  • Discover your full breathing potential
  • Coordinate core activation with movement
  • Improve posture
  • Tap into emotional awareness
  • Teach the most energy efficient use of your body
Hopping on the wall, you will be challenged to apply these principles and maintain breath awareness and expansion while engaging every single muscle of your body to hold you up. The class here gets tailored towards your individual focus point/ability level:
  • Bouldering – breath awareness will help you get stronger while not holding tension
  • Top-roping –  breathing techniques will allow you to keep your stamina without burning out.
  • Lead climbing – employing the power of your breath will help you break through the natural fear that each one of us faces on challenging climbs.
The takeaway from this class will forever inform your climbing sessions and adventures on the crag. Climb on!

$50 for members / $60 for non-members

Instructor: Joao Paulo Pereira


Classes to be scheduled


Learn in-depth and detailed instruction on how to make your crag climbing a safe experience.
Instructor: Steve Wheeler


Leading Edge II

Make the transition from gym to crag! 3 hours classroom time and a full day at Mt. Saint Helena. All equipment provided.

Members$150    |    Non-members $210

Beginning Trad

Dream of climbing routes in Yosemite or Joshua Tree? Learn the requisite skills to be proficient at leading single pitch trad climbs. 3 hours classroom time and a full day at Cosumnes River Gorge. All equipment provided.

Members $150    |    Non-members $210

Fear of Falling Series

Fear of falling is one of the single biggest factors limiting our potential as climbers. We never conquer this fear; we simply learn to manage it. Our mastery of this fear is a journey not a destination. It requires understanding, intention, self discipline, and practice… lots of practice. Begin this journey in this course!

Day 1 (must be top rope belay certified)

  • Psychology of the fear of falling: a power point presentation
  • Falling position and technique followed by dynamic top rope falling practice
  • Advanced lead belay techniques
  • Basic lead falling practice

Day 2 (must be lead climb/belay certified)

  • Warm up and basic lead falling refresher and practice
  • Advanced falling techniques, scenarios and demonstrations: pendulums, bobbled clips and obstacles.
  • Advanced lead falling practice

Day 1           Members $35   |   Non-members $70
Day 1&2      Members $70   |   Non-members $140