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COVID-19 Update: June 9, 2020

Reopening Plan – Phase 1 (July 1-31)

Vertex Climbing Community –
We want to thank you for your support during the COVID crisis and during our time of closure.

Starting Wednesday, July 01, 2020, Vertex Climbing Center will begin a phased reopening plan in conjunction with the Sonoma County Phase 3 requirements. We will be operating under the specific guidelines provided to us through this plan. We ask that everyone please review the specific guidelines below prior to coming to climb. As a climbing community we are asking for your support and cooperation with these guidelines. We want to continue to support the success of Sonoma County’s reopening as well as the collective health of our community.

Vertex Climbing Center will also be continuing its part through increased sanitation in high level areas every 2 hours, specific staff COVID policies and requirements, and continued route resetting.

We appreciate your support during this time and look forward to having you back climbing with us soon!

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@climbvertex.com

COVID-19 Member Policies: Phase 1

Vertex Climbing Center will be members and punch card users only through Phase 1 (as of now July 01 – 31)

  • Members are anyone with a prepaid (annual or monthly), EFT, or punchcard.
  • Members will not be allowed to use guest passes during Phase 1.
  • Athletics and Yoga classes are cancelled during Phase 1.
  • Additional Adult Program classes are to be determined and class sizes may be limited.

We will have a limited capacity of 20 members in the gym at one time .

  • Reservations for 2 hour time slots can be made through our website or by calling.
  • If the 20 slots have not been reserved, we will accept member walk-ins. During peak hours, we suggest reserving or calling to check on availability before you come in.
  • Parents are required to accompany minors (12 & under) and they will count towards the total occupancy.
Face Masks are REQUIRED for anyone in the building, including while you are climbing. If you cannot or refuse to climb in a mask you will not be allowed to climb in the facility.

  • No one will be allowed to enter the facility without a face mask, including Vertex Staff, delivery drivers, etc.
  • Vertex Climbing Center will have cloth masks available for purchase if needed.
  • Face masks must cover nose & mouth – please see the CDC Guidelines for more information.

All who enter must be symptom / fever free and will be asked to complete a set of screening questions prior to climbing.

All must wash hands or hand sanitizer upon entering the facility. We encourage everyone to continue to practice good hygiene.

Please bring your own hand sanitizer, we will have some for those who don’t .

Continued social distancing:

  • Please respect others and do not climb on top ropes, autobelays, lead routes, or boulder problems within a 6 foot radius of other climbers who are not your partner.
  • Please respect other 6 foot measures made around the facility such as cubby use, front desk, and upstairs training areas.

We recommend keeping to one climbing partner per day or try to climb with fellow household members.

There will be no Youth Programs through Phase 1 – We will contact our youth program families when we are able to resume the programs.

Anyone who chooses not to respect and follow these policies may be asked to leave the facility.


Billing Questions:

EFT Members: Will be billed on July 01, 2020 as usual unless you have completed a specific membership change request using the Member Change Form

Frozen Members: Anyone who wishes to remain frozen starting July 01 will be charged the $10.00 freeze fee like normal. To unfreeze your membership before May 01 please fill out a membership change request online – or we can unfreeze on your first day back to the gym.

Prepaid Members: Will be charged a freeze fee of $10 per month if you choose to remain frozen past July 01, 2020.

We look forward to climbing with you soon!!