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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

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I’m a first time climber. What’s the best way to begin?
Take our Intro to Climbing class! You’ll learn basic climbing technique and rope skills in a supportive environment. If you just want to see what climbing is like, try one of our staff-supported Climb Time sessions with a dedicated belayer. If your goal is to learn the rope safety system to belay someone else, but not to climb yourself, take our Beginning Belay class. For more info and to determine which of these classes is right for you, see all of our Climbing Classes for Beginners. All participants must sign a Liability Waiver.
Can my kids climb?

Yes! But kids do need someone to hold the ropes for them, aka belay. You can take advantage of our auto-belay systems, or belay them yourself. You can also learn how to belay in one of our adult classes, and then bring the kids in whenever you want. You must already know how to belay or bring them to a Climb Time session or enroll them in an after school or camp program. Kids may also boulder, aka climbing the shorter walls without a rope. Adult supervision is required for those under 14. We have no minimum age for climbing! If you can fit into a harness, you can climb!

All children must have a Liability Waiver signed by a parent or guardian. Waivers can be found in the Vertex Member Portal.

What types of climbing does Vertex have?
We have bouldering (climbing without a rope), top rope climbing, and lead climbing.
What is the belay test?
The belay test is our way of making sure that every climber has the skills and knowledge to safely support climbers at Vertex. During the test, a Vertex staff member will verify that you know how to how to tie in and properly belay and lower your partner. After passing the test, you’re ready to climb.
How much does the belay test cost?
The belay test is free, yo.
Does Vertex have auto-belays?

Yes we do! Auto-belays are machines that are anchored to the top of the wall, effectively replacing the need for a top rope belayer. They’re great for folks who want to get a quick session in or for parents who want to get their kids on the wall, but who don’t have much climbing experience themselves.
It has been a while since I last climbed. Do I need to take the belay test again?
Yes. And if you’re feeling rusty, we recommend that you take the Belay Crash Course before taking the test or climbing.
Can I teach a friend how to tie a figure eight knot and how to belay?

Yes, if you have a Vertex belay card, you can teach a friend how to tie the figure eight knot and how to belay but you will have to stay on the ground while doing so. Your friend will have to pass our test before belaying you.
How do I find a climbing partner?

There are several options. We have friendly members, so you could come in the evening when the gym is generally busiest and befriend a climbing partner. You can also come to a Climb Time session and have our staff belay you. You can check out our community posting board to see if anyone else is in search of a climbing partner and you can also visit climbfind.com to find like-minded climbing enthusiasts. Finally, you can always boulder, which does not require a belayer at all.

Do you sell gear?

Indeed. Our pro shop carries climbing shoes, Black Diamond harnesses, carabiners, belay devices, quick-draws, nuts and cams, as well as chalk, chalk bags and also fitness and training equipment including foam rollers!
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