Gorden Cooley

gorden climbingGorden found climbing in 2005 and has been psyched ever since.  Being a former student athlete, climbing has given him a means to stay fit while participating in a sport that he loves. For Gorden climbing is more than a hobby. It gives him focus in training, recreation and life.  In 2002 Gorden started working as a personal trainer serving local athletes.  A few years later he established the training department at Vertex. Developing his strength and conditioning system in both a climbing gym and strength studio, has given him a unique understanding climber athletic development. Gorden has had the pleasure to train some phenomenally strong climbers, to see first hand what makes them tick. Gorden is a board certified Strength and conditioning coach and holds a bachelors degree in kinesiology from Sonoma State University. As owner of Vertex he is dedicated to providing the space and programs for everyone to reach their full athletic potential.