Wayne Novach

WN Wayne’s first experience climbing back in 2001 with a borrowed harness and shoes at a small sandstone cliff in Michigan ignited his sense of enthusiasm for climbing and the outdoors. Growing up on the east coast, he honed his skills on the sandstone sport climbs of the Red River Gorge. He quickly sought out new areas and other types of climbing.

Wayne avidly pursues all forms of climbing from the precision and power of bouldering and sport climbing to the adventure and fortitude of days in the high mountains on long routes to the mental and physical stamina of mountaineering.

Wayne travels the world in search of climbing and all that it entails – the physical and mental challenge, the comradery of the climbing community, and the immersion in new cultures… not to mention the wonderous geographical environments where climbing exists!

Having the opportunity to instruct only solidifies his climbing passion. For Wayne, watching a student’s eyes get big with excitement as they unlock the secret to doing a move or helping them to finish a thought to be impossible boulder problem creates a full experience in giving back to the climbing community that as provided him with so much.