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Before attending Vertex all participants must fill out a release of liability waiver. If under the age of 18 the waiver must be filled out by parent or court assigned legal guardian. Click on the blue button below and follow our easy to use online waiver system. Make sure to click on the email confirmation you will receive to validate your document:





Introduction Classes

Reservations are required for all classes.

Climb Time: Wed 7-9 pm, Sat 12-2pm, Sun 12-2pm & 2-4pmĀ 
Have a Vertex Staff member show you the ropes. A great introduction to climbing!
All ages welcome

Beginning Rock: Tues 7-9pm & Sat 2-4pm
Learn everything you need to know to have fun and climb safely in the gym. Vertex instructors cover movement technique and proper use of the top rope belay system.
Minimum age 14

Basic Safety: Weekdays at 9am, 11am and 1pm
Learn the skills required for top rope belay certification or get a refresher before taking the test.
Minimum age 14




I’m a first time climber, what’s the best way to begin?
Vertex’s Beginning Rock class, where you’ll learn climbing and rope skills, is the best way to start. If you just want to see what climbing is like, try one of our staff-supported Climb Time sessions. If your goal is to learn the rope safety system to belay someone else, but not to climb yourself, take our Basic Safety class. Everyone must sign a Liability Waiver.

What about bringing in kids?
Kids need someone to hold the ropes for them. You must already know how to belay or bring them to a Climb Time session or enroll them in an After School or Camp program. You may easily learn how to belay in one of our adult classes then bring the kids in whenever you want. All children must have a Liability Waiver signed by their own parent.

What is the Belay test?
The Belay test is our way of making sure that every climber has the skills and knowledge to safely climb at Vertex. During the test, a Vertex staff member will verify that you know how to how to tie yourself in and properly belay and lower your partner. After passing the test, you’re ready to climb.

How much does the Belay test cost?
The Belay test is free. After passing the test, if you want to climb you may purchase a day pass (Adult $17, Youth $14) and rent a harness ($3). Climbing shoes ($5) are optional, though we recommend them for adults. Sneakers are fine for kids. No sandals, boots or dress shoes.

Can I teach a friend how to tie a figure eight knot and how to belay?
Yes, if you have a Vertex belay card, you can teach a friend how to tie the figure eight knot and how to belay but you will have to stay on the ground while doing so. Your friend will have to pass our test before belaying you.

It has been a while since I last climbed. Do I need to take the Belay test again?
That would be a good idea. If you’re feeling rusty, we recommend that you take the Basic Safety course before taking the test or climbing.

How do I find a climbing partner?
You can boulder without a partner or come to a ClimbTime Session and have our staff belay you. We have friendly members, so you could come in the evening and try and hook up with someone. Finally, here is a website to find climbing partners:

Do you sell Gear?
Our pro shop carries 5.10 climbing shoes, Black Diamond harnesses, carabiners, belay devices, quick draws, nuts and cams, as well as chalk, chalk bags and also fitness and training equipment including foam rollers!

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