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Welcome to the hub of Sonoma County’s Climbing Community

We offer a variety of climbing, group fitness classes, and community events. Here is how to start your journey with Vertex:
  1. Check out our rules, safety and etiquette before your visit.
  2. Join our Online Portal and sign a waiver to expedite your check-in.
  3. Take a look at our community calendar.
  4. Familiarize yourself with the types of indoor rock climbing, decide which of our climbing classes suit you best, and explore other offerings. (See below.)

Types of Indoor Climbing


Bouldering is climbing to a maximum height of approximately 16′ without the use of ropes or harnesses. All you need to boulder is a pair of climbing shoes! It is typically a more powerful and technical style of climbing. If you’re new to the sport, our friendly front desk staff will give you an orientation. Be aware that every fall in bouldering, intentional or otherwise, is a ground fall.

Top Rope Climbing

Top rope climbing is tall-wall climbing with the rope attached to a climber, passing through an anchor at the top of the wall, and connecting back down to a belayer. The belayer is the person who takes the slack as the climber ascends so that if they fall, the rope is tight and ready to catch them. It requires harnesses and a belay device. Climbing shoes are also recommended.  
If you don’t have your own gear, no worries. We have rentals at the front desk.
 Anyone planning to belay in our gym must pass our belay test with an ATC (air traffic controller) belay device. Belay tests are free to take and are offered throughout the day. Our gym is not equipped with permanent Grigris.

Lead Rope Climbing

Lead climbing is similar to top rope climbing in that it is also on a tall wall, the climber is attached to a rope, and they are being belayed by someone with similar equipment. The difference is that instead of the rope being at the top anchor already, the climber is leading the rope to the top while clipping through carabiners called quick draws. This is a much more advanced and physically/technically demanding form of climbing and the falls a climber takes while lead climbing are significantly higher than those on top rope. We offer our Leading Edge class which teaches you to indoor lead climb and participate in this awesome form of climbing.

Auto-Belay Climbing

Auto-belay climbing is the most user friendly version of tall-wall climbing and that doesn’t require a climbing partner. You, the climber, clip in to the auto-belay device and as you ascend the wall the device takes up the slack. Upon letting go of the wall, the device slowly lowers you back to the ground.
This is a great choice for:

  • kids accompanied by adults who haven’t yet learned how to belay
  • climbers who don’t have a partner available

  • climbers who want to train endurance

Climbing Classes

Intro to Climbing

Intro to Climbing is designed for the true beginner. You will be instructed in everything you need to know to be competent and confident in introductory technique and movement. We will review the grading system, how to fall properly, basic technique and movement while in a fun, friendly, inclusive environment. This program is free for new members in the first 30 days.

Beginning Belay

Designed for the true beginner who wants to learn the ropes. Our instructors will cover gear basics, comprehensive top rope belaying protocols as well as basic technique and movement. You will be instructed to properly fit a climbing harness, tie a figure eight follow through knot and belay with an ATC. At the end you will be prepared to take and pass our belay certification test and to climb with confidence.

Climb Time

A great introduction to indoor climbing, this two-hour instructional climbing session serves to orient you with the gym and provide a valuable intro to indoor climbing. Your instructor will give you a guided tour of the gym as well as teach you basic climbing technique and act as your belayer. This is a great choice for kids and adults alike who don’t have a climbing partner or who would just like a leg up in the beginning of their climbing journey.

If you are an intermediate climber and have already been familiarized with the gym, Climb Time can also be utilized as a belayer for hire. Belayers work with up to 5 climbers at a time.

Climbing for Kiddos

Have you noticed that children are natural climbers? We believe that climbing is uniquely suited to the young athlete. Scaling a tall wall imparts confidence, trains total-body coordination, and comes with a built-in friendly community. Here at Vertex we offer several ways for your child to enjoy climbing:
Please note that our minimum age for belaying is 12 years old for members and 14 for non-members. All children under the age of 14 must be supervised by an adult.

More questions? 
Our FAQ Page may have the answers you’re looking for.

Other Gym Offerings


We are known for incredible climbing, but did you know that we have an array of challenging fitness classes, too? Almost all of our fitness classes are included with our membership including yoga, interval training and strength training classes. Not a member yet? Not a problem! Your day pass gives you full access to our fitness facilities and classes that day. Some of our classes are very popular and may require prior registration, so please book ahead!

Check out our fitness classes

Personal Training

Our personal trainers have been named Best of the North Bay Bohemian for three years running! Check out the Personal Training page to learn more about our trainers and different programs and to start your personal fitness journey.

Meet our trainers