3358a Coffey Lane, Santa Rosa, CA 95403   |   707-573-1608

Vertex 2.0

Take a virtual tour of our upcoming second location and check out our most frequently asked questions below.

Where is it?
We know that there is a lot of excitement swirling around this question, but we are waiting to disclose the exact location so as to not disturb the current occupants. We can say that it is near the heart of Santa Rosa, allowing us to serve the community that we love.
What is going to happen to the original Vertex?
Vertex on Coffey Lane will live on in the form of a dedicated youth climbing center, ushering in the next generation of Sonoma County crushers. On occasion, we will also hold retro-climb nights for the community so we can all harken back to the good ol’ Vertex days.
When will Vertex 2.0 be open?
This is a big job and we are working hard to have the new facility open as soon as possible. Keep an eye on our FaceBook page for more updates.
How big will it be?
Almost 3 ½ times larger than the original Vertex at roughly 22,000SF.
What kind of climbing terrain will there be?
A lot more of everything you love at Vertex: bouldering, top rope, and lead climbing.
Will it look like the original Vertex?
Yes and no. We will have the same brand identity, friendly staff and inclusive community vibe that we have always had, but state of the art climbing walls and a fresh new facility with upgraded everything.
What other amenities will be offered at the new Vertex?
Vertex 2.0 will truly be a full service climbing and fitness facility. Offering a large yoga studio, training area, new cardio equipment, lounge, sauna, dedicated kids’ climbing area, and of course, lots and lots of modern climbing terrain.